Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Structural properties of the host galaxies of eROSITA AGN with Subaru/HSC

Mar 18, 2020, 9:45 AM


Oral Presentation AGN and their host galaxies


John Silverman (Kavli IPMU)


The growth history of supermassive black holes is known to be influenced by their environment from the host galaxy to larger scale structure. However, the direct physical mechanisms involved are not fully understood. The wide imaging, depth, and superb spatial resolution of the Subaru Hyper-Suprime Cam Strategic Survey Program provides the opportunity to make significant progress. For instance, the imaging is enabling the structural properties of luminous AGN to be measured up to z ~ 1. We will present the size and light profile analysis (i.e., Sersic indices) of the hosts of eROSITA AGNs with a comparison to normal galaxies both star-forming and quiescent at equivalent redshifts and stellar masses. These results establish whether most black hole growth occurs in galaxies also forming stars on specific physical scales (disk vs. bulge). We will also touch upon related eFEDS efforts: (1) the morphological analysis of the full galaxy population in eFEDs for studies of environmental effects using eFEDS clusters as an environmental indicator, and (2) galaxy-galaxy lensing to quantify where within dark matter halos AGNs prefer to reside.

Primary author

John Silverman (Kavli IPMU)

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