Mar 15 – 20, 2020
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The Technische Universität München (TUM) is located in Garching bei München (north of Munich), U-bahn/bus stop: Garching Forschungszentrum. 

By Plane

While Munich is the closest arrival airport, there are other options you could consider.

Nearest airports
Airport Distance to Garching F.  Approx. Bus time
Munich (MUC) 15 km 50 min
Innsbruck (INN) 98 km 2 hours
Memmingen (FMM) 116 km  1 hour and 30min

Public Transport from Munich Airport

Tickets can be purchased from vending machines in the train stations, or in the buses. Bus drivers can be payed in cash too. You can also download the MVV app and get a mobile ticket. A single trip ticket is valid for three hours and only one-way. Tickets are validated by inserting them into the blue stamp machines in train stations, buses and trams.

A brief overview as advance information follows here:

(ATTENTION! Recent changes in the MVV service)

All tickets are now divided in "Fares within M zone"and "Fares out of M zone":

  • The M-Zone encompasses the entire city of Munich and in part extends beyond it
  • The Zones 1 - 6 comprise the interconnected districts belonging to the MVV area
  • Munich Airport is located in Zone 5
  • Garching-Hochbrück and Garching are Zone M-1, while Garching Forschungszentrum stations is in Zone 2 (note that both Garching-Hochbrück and Garching are both Zone 1 and 2). 

Short ticket (Kurstrecke): For one stop (i.e. if you're in Garching and want to come to Garching Forschungzentrum) it's 1.70 Euro one way ticket.

Single ticket (Einzelfahrkarte):  If you are inside M-Zone and you want to buy a single ticket for one zone is 3.30 Euro. To get to Garching from Munich area (M-Zone) is M-1 ticket and it's 5.00 Euro, but this this does not include Garching Forschungszentrum. If you want to go to Garching Forschungszentrum from M-Zone you already need the M-2 for 6.60 Euro. If you're planning more than 2 trips in the Munich city area per day, we recommend purchasing the Day Ticket. (Remember Garching Hockbruck, Garching and Garching Forschungszentrum are within one zone, 3.30 Euro)

Stripe ticket (Streifenkarte): a convenient and cheap way is to buy a Streifenkarte (10 stripes, 14 Euro) instead of a single trip ticket, and to cancel the appropriate number of stripes depending on the route. 2 stripes per person as basic fare for travel in Zone M, or in one or two zones outside Zone M. For each additional zone outside Zone M one additional stripe. 1 stripe for short trip (maximum travel time 1 hour). For up to two U- or S-Bahn stations you should cancel one stripe (for example from Garching to Garching-Forschungszentrum). 

Day Ticket (Tageskarte): valid for the whole day. This ticket comes divided in the M-zones explains earlier: If you're stationed in Munich and wish to come to Garching Forschungzentrum (and the other way around) is M-2 , for 9,50 Euro (Munich city plus the first external ring zone - includes Garching and the research centre, but not the airport); If you are in Garching-Hochbrück or Garching you can buy daily one zone (Fares out of the Zone M) for 7,80 Euro. Entire network from Munich to airport for a day 13,00 Euro (includes all Garching).

Daily ticket for a group of up to 5 people (Partnerstageskarte): With the same zones as the daily ticket ("Tageskarte"), but with the possibility to have up to 5 people traveling together, it is already worth taking Partnerstageskarte if there are 2 or more people traveling together. Prices: From Munich to Garching-Forschungzentrum 16,90 Euro; From Garching-Hochbruck or Garching to Garching Forschungzentrum 14,80 Euro; All net including the airport 24,30 Euro.


For more information on the kinds of ticket that are available, please consult ticket information


Important Connections

From U-bahn to TUM


Front view of the TUM building

Inside view of the TUM building

- Airport to Garching via Neufahrn with S1 and bus 690:  Note that the 690 bus goes from Neufahrn directly to the campus and terminates at U-Bahn station Garching-Forschungszentrum, without passing through Garching. If you wish to go directly to your hotel, you would then have to take the U-Bahn for one stop, from Forschungszentrum to Garching. Or - better - go via Ismaning with S8 and bus 230 which does pass through Garching.

- Bus 690: limited service on Sat., no service on Sun.