Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Invited Speakers

In addition to talks from members of the eROSITA and ART-XC teams, invited speakers will cover topics related to the conference:

B. Benson (University of Chicago):
Cluster Cosmology with SZ experiments

D. Nagai (Yale University):
ICM physics: how to use clusters for cosmology

R. van Weeren (Leiden University):
ICM and synergies between radio and X-ray observations of clusters

R. Hickox (Dartmouth College):
From X-ray background to the history of accretion onto SMBH

P. Natarayan (Yale University):
The first black holes

A. Coil (UC San Diego):
The relationship between growing BHs and their host galaxies

B. Lehmer (University of Arkansas):
X-ray surveys and Galaxy evolution

T. Maccarone (Texas Tech University):
Black hole X-ray binaries

L. Oskinova (Potsdam University):
X-rays from massive stars and high-mass X-ray binaries

J. Drake (Harvard University):
Cool stars in X-rays

P. Jonker (SRON):
Transient X-ray sky

E. Kara (MIT):
Tidal Disruption Events

L. Lopez (Ohio State University):
X-ray studies of Supernova Remnants

M. Kowalski (DESY):
Multi-messagener astronomy