Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

AGN feedback: lessons learned from X-ray surveys and prospects for eROSITA

Mar 18, 2020, 10:00 AM


Oral Presentation AGN and their host galaxies


Marcella Brusa (DIFA - University of Bologna)


Outflowing winds are now revealed routinely in Active Galactic Nuclei and Quasars across the entire electromagnetic spectrum and are invoked in many co-evolutionary models to link the growth of SMBH and galaxies through feedback phenomena. Both numerical simulations and observations have shown that the nature of AGN outflows is multiphase, and that each gas phase embeds a fundamental piece of information on the driving mechanism and on the effect on the host galaxy.
I will present recent results on the detection of strong winds at different scales through dedicated NIR and ALMA follow-ups of luminous obscured AGN, and the implications for AGN/galaxy co-evolution. I will discuss the unique power of AGN X-ray surveys (coupled with deep optical-NIR surveys) in selecting the most promising targets. I will finally discuss the perspectives for the forthcoming eROSITA survey to advance in our understanding of these important phenomena, based on preliminary results of the PV phase observations in the eFEDS field covered by HSC and VIKING.

Presenter status eROSITA_DE consortium member

Primary author

Marcella Brusa (DIFA - University of Bologna)

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