Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Stars in the e-ROSITA eyes

Mar 19, 2020, 10:25 AM



Dr Lidia Oskinova (Potsdam University)


Massive stars of basically all spectral types emit X-rays. Despite tremendous efforts undertaken in the last 20 years, the exact physical mechanisms responsible for their X-ray emission are still not fully understood. The eROSITA survey will deliver a clear X-ray view of massive stars within 2 kpc from the sun. eROSITA's sensitivity in the hard band will become a key diagnostic tool to detect and study massive stars in binaries as well as massive stars with magnetic fields. These stellar properties are of pivotal importance for stellar evolution. Massive stars are the progenitors of neutron stars and black holes. The eROSITA survey strategy is optimally suited to detect X-ray transients, and will deliver much better statistics on massive stars with degenerate companions. This is especially important in the era of gravitational wave astronomy. The results of eRASS will, without doubt, farther motivate population syntheses and detailed studies of evolutionary paths from massive binaries towards double degenerate binaries. In this talk I will briefly review our current knowledge about the X-ray properties of massive star and high-mass X-ray binary populations, and outline what we hope to learn from the results of the eROSITA survey.

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Dr Lidia Oskinova (Potsdam University)

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