Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Simulating clusters and their AGN with IllustrisTNG

Mar 17, 2020, 10:35 AM


Oral Presentation Clusters and Cosmology I


Dr Dylan Nelson (MPA)


The IllustrisTNG simulations produce an unprecedented sample of thousands of well-resolved galaxies within halos of total mass above 10^13 solar masses. TNG is a series of gravo-magnetohydrodynamical cosmological volumes which enable us to simultaneously resolve the internal structure of galaxies at ~hundred parsec scales, while also capturing the full diversity of entire galaxy populations. The comprehensive, physical model captures a detailed view of the physical interaction between AGN feedback and the hot gaseous atmospheres of these objects, and the influence of the black holes is imprinted on the thermodynamical properties of the gas within and around clusters. I will showcase what we are learning about the stellar mass assembly and quenching of cluster galaxies, as well as their black hole and AGN populations. I will discuss the emergence of cool core and non-cool core cluster populations, as well as the abundance and distribution of x-ray tracing OVII and OVIII in cluster atmospheres. I will connect the physical operation of the galaxy formation model, primarily through the impact of black hole feedback, to x-ray scaling relations and the x-ray properties of halos, and comment on the ability for simulations like IllustrisTNG to make quantitative predictions for eROSITA observables, as well as the potential for the mission to constrain many key aspects of the theoretical models currently employed in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations.

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