15-20 March 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

SRG prospects for Compton-thick AGN search in the AKARI NEP Wide Field

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Takamitsu Miyaji (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)


The North Ecliptic Pole region is a subject of deepest surveys with many space bourne observatories, including the infrared observatory AKARI and Spectrum-RG. In particular, as a legacy program of AKARI, it pursued dedicated AKARI NEP Deep (ANEPD;~0.5 deg$^2$) and Wide (ANEPW;~5.4 deg$^2$) surveys in the NEP area with its unique nine infrared bands continuously covering the wavelength range from 2 to 24 microns. The data available from the NEP survey from AKARI, Herchel, and optical deep images including those from new Subaru/Hyper Suprime Cam (HSC), added by future observations with Euclid and LMT-GTM/TolTEC camera enable us to make detailed Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) analyses. In particular, comparisons of the AGN torus hot dust component derived from the infrared SED analysis and the X-ray luminosity derived from eROSITA/ART-XC will allow us to identify highly absorbed AGNs including Compton-thick (CT) ones. In our preliminary estimation, we expect to find a few hundred (semi-) CT AGNs within the 5.4 deg2 ANEP-Wide region upon the completion of the Spectr-RG four year all-sky survey program. We show examples of CT AGNs from our current data from our AKARI NEP Deep Survey and discuss further prospects from the combination of ANEPW and Spectr.-RG.

Primary author

Takamitsu Miyaji (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

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