15-20 March 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

A Redistribution Matrix for ART-XC

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Steven Ehlert (NASA MSFC)


Spectral analysis of X-ray sources detected by ART-XC hinges crucially on the accuracy of the redistribution matrix file (RMF), which relates the probability of a photon with a given energy E being observed with a particular energy E’ in ART-XC’s CdTe detectors. This work will discuss efforts by the MSFC team to determine the RMF of ART-XC’s detectors using a combination of laboratory data and ART-XC Performance Verification observations of bright X-ray sources obtained during SRG's journey to L2.

Presenter status ART-XC consortium member

Primary authors

Steven Ehlert (NASA MSFC) Chien-Ting Chen (NASA MSFC/USRA) Doug Swartz (NASA/MSFC)

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