Mar 15 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Characterizing the Stellar Content of eROSITA

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The hundreds of thousands of stars that eROSITA will detect in X-rays
need comprehensive characterization to exploit their full scientific potential.
This characterization ranges from determining basic properties like mass and
evolutionary stage to detailed comparisons with other activity tracers and
rotation periods. I will present our characterization efforts based on the
stellar content extracted from the PV data. I will show that the eROSITA PV
data, representative of the final eRASS8 survey, opens a new parameter space
in terms of detecting stars resembling our own Sun, a source population
that remained largely unexplored previously. Lastly, I will show highlights
from our (near-) simultaneous optical monitoring of eROSITA stars, which allows
us to perform detailed comparisons between coronal and chromospheric emission
tracers for cool stars.

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