15-20 March 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

The eROSITA view of the merging cluster Abell 3266

17 Mar 2020, 12:50


Oral Presentation Clusters and Cosmology I


Jeremy Sanders (MPE)


Abell 3266 is a fascinating merging galaxy cluster system, showing a great deal of substructure. There is a plume of low entropy gas running from the core of the cluster, which may be material stripped from a subcluster (Sauvageot et al. 2005; Finoguenov et al. 2005). eROSITA observed A3266 as a calibration target. The wide field of eROSITA and uniform coverage provide an excellent opportunity to study the cluster in detail and understand the merging process. We examine the temperature, metallicity and surface brightness distributions in the core of this cluster. By comparison with simulations, and using mutliwavelength datasets, we discuss the most likely scenarios which took place to form the cluster seen today.

Presenter status eROSITA consortium member

Primary authors

Jeremy Sanders (MPE) Dr Esra Bulbul (MPE) Thomas H. Reiprich (AIfA, University of Bonn) Florian Pacaud (AIfA, University of Bonn) Dr Michael J. Freyberg (MPE) Dr Dominique Eckert Dr Konrad Dennerl (MPE)

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