15-20 March 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

The SRG/ART-XC survey of the Galactic Plane fields in the direction to the Norma arm and l=+20

19 Mar 2020, 17:15



Dr Andrey Semena (IKI RAS)


We present results of the survey of two regions of the Galactic Plane (Norma
arm and the region around galactic longitude l=+20 deg), obtained with the ART-XC telescope
on board the SRG observatory in hard X-rays during the Cal-PV phase. The
total area covered by this survey was about 50 sq.degrees with the median
exposures of ~700 s in the l+20 field and ~1.4 ks in the Norma arm field, respectively,
that led to the detection of several dozens sources of a different nature.
The properties of this sample as well as individual properties of several bright
sources are discussed.

Presenter status ART-XC consortium member

Primary authors

Dr Andrey Semena (IKI RAS) SRG/ART-XC team (IKI RAS)

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