15-20 March 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

The cosmic X-ray background and the history of the growth of black holes

16 Mar 2020, 14:25



Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth College)


The growth of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) over cosmic time is imprinted in their X-ray luminosity that is emitted from the inner central engine of active galactic nuclei (AGN). Observationally, X-rays from AGN can be probed both through deep and wide X-ray surveys, and also through the integrated emission that makes up the cosmic X-ray background (CXB). I will give an overview of our constraints on SMBH growth from X-ray and multiwavelength surveys and the CXB, focusing on the newest frontiers: AGN at the very dawn of black holes and galaxies (redshift 6 and higher) and AGN that are heavily buried by gas and dust. I will point toward the exciting potential of eROSITA, ART-XC, and future observatories in further uncovering the cosmic growth of SMBHs.

Presenter status Invited speaker

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Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth College)

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