Invited Speakers

1. The first steps toward chemical complexity: from prestellar cores to protoplanetary disks (2 sessions)


Introductory talks:   Nadia Balucani, Ewine van Dishoeck

Invited: Arnaud Belloche, Izaskun Jimenez-Serra, Eric Herbst, Francois Dulieu


2. The Solar System (2 sessions) 


Introductory talks:   Conel Alexander, Alessandro Morbidelli

Invited: Frances Westall, Steve Charnley, Olivier Mousis, Stefanie Milam


3. Exoplanets and Habitability (1 session) 


Introductory talk: Nikku Madhusudhan

Invited: Christiane Helling


4. Primitive Earth and conditions to host life (1 session) 


Introductory talk: Zita Martins

Invited: Nathalie Carrasco


5. The assembly of prebiotic molecules (1 sessions)


Introductory talk: Matthew Powner

Invited: Lorenzo Botta, Rebecca Turk-MacLeod


6. Steps towards evolution (1 session)


Introductory talk: Phil Holliger

Invited: Ulrich Gerland, Hannes Mutschler