MONDAY - July 10

08:30 AM   Welcome remarks
08:45 AM E. Bergin Opening keynote talk
09:30 AM S. Aalto From the high-redshift Universe to local galaxies (K)
10:15 AM   Break
10:45 AM T. Greve Atomic and molecular tracers at z > 6 (I)
11:15 AM K. Kohno Dust, atomic and molecular tracers in external galaxies (I)
11:45 AM C. Yang The rich molecular inventory of high-redshift dusty galaxies revealed by broadband spectral line surveys (C)
12:00 PM Y. Nishimura ALMA Band 3 line survey toward the Cloverleaf quasar at z~2.56 (C)
12:15 PM   Lunch
01:45 PM T. Shimonishi Molecular cloud chemistry in low metallicity environments (I)
02:15 PM M. Bouvier Sulphur-bearing species in NGC 253 (C)
02:30 PM M. Jiménez-Donaire Mapping dense molecular tracers in nearby galaxies (C)
02:45 PM J.-E. Lee Astrochemistry in the Milky Way (K)
03:30 PM   Break
04:00 PM I. Jimenez-Serra Chemistry in the Galactic Centre (I)
04:30 PM S.-Y. Liu Chemistry of star forming regions (I)
05:00 PM A Fuente The journey of sulfur in molecular clouds (C)
05:15 PM S. Scibelli Early Results from GLUCOSE: the GBT L1544 Unbiased Complex Organics SurvEy (C)

K=Keynote, KK=Kavli Keynote, I=invited, C=contributed, All times are EST

TUESDAY - July 11

08:30 AM B. McGuire Development of molecular complexity (I)
09:00 AM S. Widicus Weaver New techniques in molecular spectroscopy (I)
09:30 AM F. Dulieu Extended conditions of molecule formation on grains (C)
09:45 AM A. Ishibashi Direct measurements for radical reactions on ice: approach to the formation mechanisms of complex organic molecules (C)
10:00 AM   Break
10:30 AM I. Cooke Gas-phase chemistry in the laboratory (I)
11:00 AM N. Watanabe Ices and Molecular Complexity (I)
11:30 AM J. Noble Ice structure in star forming regions – new clues from experiments, theory and observations (C)
11:45 AM R. Fortenberry Accurate Quantum Chemical Insights for the Age of JWST and ALMA (C)
12:00 PM   Tom Phillips in memoriam
12:15 PM   Lunch
01:45 PM Y. Oya Protostars and protostellar chemistry (I)
02:15 PM T. Lamberts Computational astrochemistry (I)
02:45 PM M. Bonfand In depth study of a rich population of young high-mass protostars unveiled by the emission of complex organic molecules (C)
03:00 PM Y.-L. Yang Icy Origin of Complex Molecules in Embedded Protostars (C)
03:15 PM E. Artur de la Villarmois The potential of sulfur-bearing species to trace accretion processes in young protostars (C)
03:30 PM M. van ’t Hoff Searching for Earth's initial formation conditions: Evidence of hot gas around low-mass protostars (C)
03:45 PM   Break
04:15 PM M. Powner Prebiotic chemistry and origin of life (KK)
05:00 PM   Celebration of the career of Eric Herbst

K=Keynote, KK=Kavli Keynote, I=invited, C=contributed, All times are EST


08:30 AM M. van de Sande Evolved stars (K)
09:15 AM E. De Beck Chemical content of outflows from evolved stars - removing the biases (C)
09:30 AM M. Siebert Molecular Abundances and Morphologies in Binary Evolved Star systems: The Unique Cases of RW LMi and V Hya (C)
09:45 AM   Break
10:15 AM K. Pontoppidan new insights from the JWST (K)
11:00 AM E. Habart, M. McClure, Th. Henning Solicited JWST talks (3 x 25 minutes)
12:15 PM   Lunch
01:45 PM   Excursion

K=Keynote, KK=Kavli Keynote, I=invited, C=contributed, All times are EST

THURSDAY - July 13

08:30 AM V. Guzman Planet Formation (K)
09:15 AM J. Bergner Protoplanetary disk chemistry (I)
09:45 AM K. Furuya Connecting chemical compositions in the atmosphere and the midplane of protoplanetary disks (C)
10:00 AM K. Zhang AGE-PRO: the ALMA survey of Gas Evolution in PROtoplanetary disks (C)
10:15 AM C. E. Munoz-Romero A MIRI MRS View of Water Vapor in the Disk of AS 209 (C)
10:30 AM   Break
11:00 AM A. Booth The molecular inventory of a warm planet-forming disk (C)
11:15 AM J. Tobin The Water and Ammonia Reservoir in the Proto-Planetary Disk of V883 Ori (C)
11:30 AM T. Yoshida Discovery of Line Pressure Broadening and Direct Constraint on Gas Surface Density in a Protoplanetary Disk (C)
11:45 AM E. Van Clepper Chemical consequences of dust growth in Protoplanetary disks: implications for the Solar Nebula and beyond (C)
12:00 PM M. van Gelder Unveiling the molecular gas composition in young protostellar disks with JWST/MIRI (C)
12:15 PM   Lunch
01:45 PM M. Line Exoplanets (K)
02:30 PM S. Moran Exoplanetary atmosphere composition and chemistry (I)
03:00 PM C. Law SO and SiS Emission Tracing an Embedded Planet and a Circumplanetary Disk Candidate in the HD 169142 Disk (C)
03:15 PM L. Majumdar Linking atmospheres of Hot Jupiter HD209458b with its formation (C)
03:30 PM   Break
04:00 PM S. Jacobsen Formation and evolution of the Solar System (KK)
04:45 PM C. Alexander The Solar System record (KK)

K=Keynote, KK=Kavli Keynote, I=invited, C=contributed, All times are EST

FRIDAY - July 14

08:30 AM C. Walsh Linking formation to exoplanet characteristics (I)
09:00 AM M. Drozdovskaya Link between interstellar and cometary chemistry (I)
09:30 AM M. Cordiner Observations of icy bodies and moons in the Solar System (I)
10:00 AM   Break
10:30 AM C. He Planetary and satellite atmospheres (I)
11:00 AM S. Milam Revealing the physiochemical history of comets with JWST (C)
11:15 AM S. Wampfler Semi-volatiles as carriers of stable isotope anomalies? (C)
11:30 AM G. Blake Conference summary and final remarks
12:15 PM   Lunch
01:45 PM   Training session