2003 Kavli-IAU Astrochemistry Symposium.
Astrochemistry VIII - From the First Galaxies to the Formation of Habitable Worlds.

Astrochemistry is at the heart of many astrophysical fields, from the early Universe to local galaxies, to star- and planet-formation and evolution in our Milky Way, to exoplanet atmospheres, and to our Solar System. Decades-long concerted efforts of astronomers and theoretical/experimental chemists have provided a solid base for using molecules as powerful diagnostic tools of the physical and chemical structure, dynamics, and history of a multitude of astrophysical objects, allowing connections and glimpses into the life cycle of the interstellar medium, as well as into the growth of chemical complexity in space. The great sensitivity, high angular resolution and frequency coverage of telescopes such as ALMA have allowed unprecedented views of stellar and planet nurseries. JWST with its sensitive near- to mid-infrared spectrometers will soon open a new sensitive and sharp observing window into major molecular ingredients such as water, carbon dioxide as well as other key organic species. JWST will allow us to probe composition of ices on interstellar and planet-forming scales, enabling studies of the linked-chemistry of exoplanetary atmospheres and protoplanetary disks. It is therefore timely to organise the eighth IAU Symposium on Astrochemistry and allow the ever-growing astrochemical community to meet and discuss together recent achievement and future progress. After Spain (2011) and Chile (2017), we now propose a 4.5 days Kavli-IAU Astrochemistry Symposium at Traverse City, MI, USA in July 2023.


Park Place Hotel, Traverse City, MI, USA
300 E State St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States
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