Oct 3 – 7, 2022
Harnack Haus, Berlin
Europe/Berlin timezone


Hayley Bunn Millimeter/submillimeter spectrum of partially deuterated isotopologues of methyl mercaptan, CH2DSH and CHD2SH
Timea Csengeri Diversity of COMs in the immediate vicinity of high-mass protostars
Joan Enrique Romero Radical-ice reactivity: formation of ethanol and vinyl alcohol by CCH(gas) + H2O(ice)
Judit Ferrer Asensio Tracing the contraction of the pre-stellar core L1544 with HC17O+ (1-0) emission.
Maryvonne Gerin Astrophysics meets data science in the Orion B Giant Molecular Cloud
Katharina Giers A comparison of the deuteration in the pre-stellar core L1544 and the protostellar core HH211
Chia-Jung Hsu Chemistry and Cores in Cloud Collision
Natalia Inostroza Methanediol CH2(OH)2 and hydroxymethyl CH2OH+: key organic intermediates on the path to complex organic molecules
Sigurd Jensen Matching theory to observations: A 3D physico-chemical model of the pre-stellar core L1544
Miwha Jin The efficiency of explosive desorption in cold and quiescent environments
Hunarpreet Kaur A Cryogenic Ion Trap Beamline at FELIX for Astrochemical Studies
Beatrice Kulterer Constraints on methanol deuteration during the prestellar stage
Teresa Paneque-Carreño Vertical stratification of molecules in protoplanetary disks: testing disk chemistry models
Christian Rab Impact of energetic particle events on the chemistry of plant-forming disks and their observational signatures
Dian Schrauwen Interstellar ices in the lab: probing resonant structural changes due to free electron laser irradiation of interstellar ice analogues
Haley Scolati A Machine Learning Approach to Characterizing the Chemical Inventory of Orion-KL
Olli Sipilä Revised models for cosmic ray-induced desorption in dense clouds
Kotomi Taniguchi Understanding Chemical Diversity around Massive Young Stellar Objects